I’ve gotta say it.

It is truly heartbreaking to realize that what I love so deeply–Popular Fiction–is both scorned and rejected by the Literati.  I stopped by a nearby university to see if they had any interest in offering classes on Popular Fiction to the undergraduates. Sure, it’s doubtful that PopFic is in any way germane to their degrees. The idea behind PopFic is entertainment. Fun. And those who come to a book for the entertainment factor, and who leave feeling entertained, are the ones who love it. The millions of we “unwashed masses.”

So, she asks me something like, “Why not simply fiction? Why ‘popular fiction’?”  My reply was, “Well, it’s true the entertainments of the hoi polloi are always denigrated…” She got huffy. “I’m not being elitist! But why a romance novel? Why not Jane Austin?” So, I mentioned that Jane Austin’s canon was Popular Fiction in its time, so why not a romance novel? That is a discussion about forging a relationship amid life’s complexities.” She stared at me, eyes glazed. Then, later on I mentioned something I saw taking a class on that very campus. The teacher–and I was reminded that said teacher was a “scholar” (tacit for “watch yourself, you pleb!”–had begun a class offering Fantasy books and she had a full class. Two weeks later, amid presentations of god-only-knows-what as Fantasy/Magical Realism, a student held up a Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery book as an example of the expected genre for the class. The teacher waved the book away and sniffed: “I won’t read that stuff. That’s too penis-centric.” (No, she really said that. It’s carved into my brain.) The professor I was talking to actually LAUGHED. Read that again. The genre the students filled the seats to adore and discuss was dismissed and scorned as lowbrow trash. And this lady LAUGHED.

It was genuinely destabilizing to be amid that sort of behavior. But, I rallied to continue my argument that PopFic has value for the undergraduates to mention that at the end of that week, the class of thirty students had turned into a class of maybe ten. I said, “Attrition like that indicates a disconnect.” So, again, I was hoping that the students’ desire for a class on that stuff would interest her enough to present one.  It is my personal opinion that folks come to undergraduate Creative Writing classes not to learn how to write the next Gatsby. They come to learn how to maybe write the next Outlander, The Shining, maybe even the next 50 Shades.

“Thank you for your CV and I’ll consider it for future classes on fiction.”

So, my original comment was once again proven as true. The entertainments of the hoi polloi are always denigrated.” That sucked and I was completely heartbroken. How can people NOT love what I love so deeply? Am I really out of touch that badly?

If I am, then never let me come out of the warm arms of the Common People. Of my particular delight are Futuristic Romances, like what I present beneath this pen name. Those who, like me, love PopFic are my peeps. I will entertain the tiresome posturing of the literati as it unfolds around me…and find my soul’s delight in bring moments of entertainment and happiness to my fellows.


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So, I’ve turned my attention to crafting LOSS, which is the prequel to my Urilqii series. (Specifically Arrival.) With the assistance of my good friend and budding cover artist Sarita Gentili, I have three covers on my desk. But since I can’t decide, I thought to offer it up for fan input.

Loss coverA



I couldn’t figure out how to successfully insert a poll, so either a comment here on on my facebook page will be fine. (Or not.) I’m flexible.

Coming Soon: “Loss”

I figured I’d begin to pimp my story about Arvidnan’s loss with respect to my Mike, and how it relates to his relationship with Liam. (Arrival, due back on the Kindle shelves in April ’16.)  I figured the first day of the month would be a good day to promo the first incarnation of my self-pub venture.

What do you mean there’s 29 days in February this year?! (Well, I’m flexible so here it goes…)

In hands now is a story I call Loss, which depicts the death of Mike’s adnama and the reason for his heartbreaking case of Survivor’s Guilt. (I’ll post the the cover when I have it.) This book is in response to all my fans who wrote to me asking for it.

I’ll be on Amazon, yes, for about $3.00, but WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

It’ll post on my website where you can purchase Loss for $.99.  (Probably via Smashwords.)

Anyway, hold onto you rockets, fans. My Urilqii are ready to explode back into action.


I’ve decided to take Arrival to self-pub. Why? The writing’s on the wall as far as I’m concerned. Once Amazon got into the publishing section of the industry, instead of remaining simply a distributor, then small publishers have been falling away left and right. Amber Quill is simply one of the many. (*censored!!!*) Consequently, one would do well to learn the ins and outs of self-pub imho.

Therefore, I’ve chosen Arrival and its followups to be my test subjects. I’ll do the editing I’ve always wanted on the book and send it out. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! (Really, there’s more.)

Many fans have emailed me wanting to know the story of Arvidnan and how his death relates to my Mike’s interaction with Liam, the two lovers of Arrival.  Stay tuned, my Urilqii fans, and I’ll have that story up on my website on or soon after the time Arrival comes out again, hopefully with a graphic for “Cover Model – male” award.med_ArrivalIt’s currently in a contest and, in truth, who can compete with the delicious Sgt. Miles, my cover model? (hot-Hot-HOT!)

Anyway, watch for Arvidnan’s story. Novella coming soon via my website.

Seriously, THE BEST

Ahh, my beloved X-Files has returned. Writer Darin Morgan proves that, once again, he’s THE TOP OF THE SCREENPLAY FOOD CHAIN.  I adored the experience, and laughed my way through the socio-political lampshading.  HILARIOUS!

The transgender hooker with a mean-right hook; the “lost puppy” who is found by Scully, “he reminds me of Queegueg”; the monster in the port-a-potty, more than a whiff of the The Host episode; Mulder in prime sardonic form saying, “when one checks into an establishment such as this, one expects a peeping tom.” The, the absolute BEST PART: Guy Mann–what a genius bit of hilarity that is!–going off on “how it all happened” and, to Mulder’s surprise, Guy Mann is the victim!

Bitten by a human and–WHAT?!–now he is the victim of transformation!!  Man, what a plot twist! Worse, though. HE’S LOST HIS BELOVED PUPPY!!

Mr. Mann may be a monst–I mean, a creature–but he’s simply misunderstood and going through a very stressful time in his life.  Man, classic POV shift that obliterates all expectations of the characters and the story.

I’m so hooked.  Welcome back Mulder, Scully and Darin Morgan. You’re THE BEST!