Romancing The Book Reviews In Training

Review: I chose this book because I enjoy male domination erotica. I love reading about strong men who care for their women despite their flaws. I also enjoy reading authors that I have not tried before.

The story is told in third person from mostly Abby’s perspective. Abby comes across as a shy person who has a strong back bone. Abby strikes me as a very normal everyday person. She is trying to find what makes her happy. There was not a lot of information about Abby beyond her sex life in the book. After reading this story I still have no idea what Abby’s profession is.

Seth is a former slave trainer who does not want to train any new slaves but does train Abby. As Seth trains Abby he breaks the rules which he has sets up. Seth is hot, handsome, dominate alpha male, but I found Seth a little too cold for my taste. I also found some on his methods to train Abby a bit harsh. He hides his emotions too much. In my option there was part of the story missing between chapter one and two. In chapter one Seth and Abby meet, then in the next chapter Seth has agreed to train Abby. What happed in between them to get to that point?

Seth surprised me when Abby had a negative reaction to breast and nipple play. Up to that point I would have expected Seth to walk way. The fact that he did not was the first true glimpse of his feeling for Abby since Seth had not shown any emotions toward Abby beyond what he would teach her.

The author did a magnificent job in creating Seth and Abby. I liked that the characters reflected the average person. Seth and Abby were very believable. They had tons of chemistry when they were together, in and out of bed.

There was not enough background information to smooth out the rough edges in the story. I think there was a bit too much editing done in this story. The author did not really explain why Abby had a panic attack over breast and nipple play. I am hoping that means there might be a sequel. I would love to know more about Abby and Seth’s friends Liz and Mark.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. While I think this story was way too short I do think that this author has a lot of promise for the future. I can’t wait to read more from Michelle Robbins.


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    Michelle, can you please email me at regarding this review? Thanks!!

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