Abby is invited by her friend, Liz, to Portland’s Quarterly Dungeon Romp.  Once there,
Abby is exposed to the BDSM scene and meets slave trainer, Seth.  Abby is intrigued by the lifestyle, and Seth seems the one to teach her the way.
IN TRAINING follows the initiation of Abby into the world of the BDSM lifestyle but is more than hot, sex scenes.  There is real character development and the growth of the relationship between Abby and Seth is explored.  At first, I was concerned that Seth might be a jerk, but, fortunately, he shows a softer side.  It is wonderful the way, that Seth puts Abby at ease about her body issues.  Abby and Seth have issues from their childhood, which affects them, today.  I would have liked a little more backstory on Abby, because I wondered how her feminist mother allowed her to be abused by her stepfather.  Even so, IN TRAINING is a good, erotic read, which delves into the BDSM world and has the growth of a loving relationship.
4.5 out of 5.0
Marlene B

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