Welcome – IN CONTROL

(Finally got my password back, so I’ll be on more.  sweeet!)

Last month I signed the contract for the sequel to In Training.  It is called In Control and is due on the shelf Aug 25, ’13.  I’m excited about it because it is in honor of our fighting forces, men and women, all across our world.  I started the story on Veterans’ Day of last year and ended it on Memorial Day of this year.  No planning involved, it simply happened that way.  Fate.

Our brave and self-sacrificing military personnel put their lives on the line—willingly, daily, and often painfully—fighting for a country that barely honors, let alone comprehends, that choice.

Well I comprehend it, and I honor it.  Our fighting force humbles me in ways I can barely describe.

A portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to IAVA.org, who are on the front lines fighting the battle for decency and honorable treatment of our fighting men and women by the very government they fought for and honored with their service, yet who has abandoned them.  Likewise the people they have defended and sacrificed for and who have also turned away from them.

I hate how our veterans are treated.  Hate it.

Consequently, it’s my honor to donate proceeds of this novel to IAVA.org.  My daughter’s father served as a helicopter repairman in both “Desert” campaigns.  The love of my life served as a Marine in both of those as well.  These wars, and the emotional and physical damage done to our fighting men and women, are not distant to me.  It’s thisclose every day.  As such, this book strongly touches my soul.

I wish I could do more for our veterans.  I wish I could donate all of the proceeds In Control earns.  Unfortunately, I’m a starving artist and must eat and pay my rent.  However, I’m happy to eat ramen noodles instead of hamburger if I can offer up some tribute to our fighting men and women. Not only happy to do so, but honored to do so.  It’s not the kind of sacrifice they make, but it’s the best this partially disabled geek can do.

Hopefully you will be willing to send a little love our veterans’ way by purchasing a copy of In Control when it hits the the (electronic) shelves at Amber Quill’s Amber Heat line on August, 25th.


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