COMING SOON – **In Control** – Aug 25 – Amber Quill/Amber Heat

COMING AUG 25TH – IN CONTROL – in honor of our service people worldwide

IN CONTROL is the sequel to my IN TRAINING and has a special place in my heart.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, this book was started and Veterans’ Day 2012 and completed on Memorial Day 2013.  And its hero was a wounded combat Marine named Zach. 

Thus, it seemed only fitting to donate a percentage of the proceeds to, people on the front line fighting the battle for honorable and ethical treatment of our returning military men and women.

On August 25th, IN CONTROL will be on the shelves.  I hope you can find a place in your heart to offer up a bit of love to our fine men and women who wear our colors proudly in the most desperate of circumstances.

So, with your permission:  let the games begin.

The gleam in Annabel’s eyes amused Zach. He swallowed a chuckle and let her play her cards. That she believed she had a winning hand was obvious, but the truth was her fight for control was nothing more than another indication of her shattered trust.

Control wasn’t a magic pill against emotional trauma, as any naturally dominant participant of the Owner/property dynamic could attest to. There was no immunity from heartache. There was only the courage to try again…and again when necessary.

Annabel had the courage. She simply hadn’t chosen to again take that chance. Not yet, at any rate. And what had gone on between her and Jeremy? The brother he knew wasn’t a sadist, but there were questions unanswered, actions unexplained, and toxic repercussions only compounded the damage.

A discussion for another place and time, he concluded. Right now, he would enjoy this game. Her sweet attempts to manage their sexual dynamic couldn’t hide her desire to be found pleasing. That was the truth of a slave’s nature. Her heart beat with a need to belong, which would easily be developed into a slave’s devotion. If she had the right trainer, that is.

Victory filled her smile as he rocked into her touch and arched into her hand. The taste of power was on her tongue and knowing Annabel, she wouldn’t give it up easily. He would take it from her, of course, but the challenge was how to do that without crushing her spirit, betraying her trust, and driving her back into her shell.

Hell of a task, but he was the Marine to do it. Oooh-rah!

Zach slid his palm up the skin of her knee and thigh, then higher. The silken folds of a waxed pussy met his hand. No panties—again! It took only a heartbeat to feel the humid sweetness of her arousal coating the labia. When full comprehension arrived, hunger slammed into his chest and stole his breath. He nearly swallowed his tongue. Her spicy-sweet scent of desire and perfume scent rocked him.

“Fuck, girl,” he forced from between clenched teeth.

She gave a sultry laugh and climbed off his lap. She hummed and swayed a seductive dance as she edged her skirt off her hips and let it fall to the floor. The bustier followed, leaving her garbed in nothing but crotch-less panties, gold loops on her ears and one upper arm, and a combination of garters and thigh-high fishnet stockings.

He heard himself make a guttural sound, something between a protest and a rebuke.

She repeated her laugh.

Fuck, the zipper was killing him. He tugged at his pants, trying to ease the constriction, and found an extra inch of space. He had no time to feel relief, though. The blood rushed from his head to his groin, his cock lengthening that extra inch. His balls felt like hot coals.

That goddamned zipper!

He yanked open his pants and breathed a sigh of relief when his fuckmeat thrust up unencumbered. Her gaze dropped to his cock. She licked her lips and gave a low, hungry moan. He tugged off his T-shirt.

“Turn around and sit,” he said.

“Oh, is that the way it is?” She repeated her sultry laugh and spun.

The midnight river of her hair swirled like a witch’s cape. It settled around her shoulders, contrasting with her pale skin, complementing the inky dark bits of satin and silk that ran the length of her long, long legs. The landscape of her delicious ass gleamed in the kiss of lamplight. The kaleidoscope of colors from the TV screen gilded her chest, arms, and shoulders. The gold band on her bicep bore a serpent’s head, the crystal eye giving an impudent wink.

She bent forward and offered the rosette of her ass, obviously thinking that was his target. He growled at the sight, the taboo gateway peeping from between her ass cheeks like a tiny, shy flower bud. His hunger a ravening beast, then slapped one sweet peach ass cheek, pinking it.

She shivered and whimpered.

“Sit,” he repeated.

She twisted, looking confused, and reached for his dick. Did she think to guide it into her body? He pushed her hand away, grabbed her hips, and yanked her down between his thighs.

The feel of that gorgeous ass against his cock spun his head. His dick felt as hot as a rifle barrel after a firefight. A violent desire to fuck slashed into him like the cut of an enemy’s knife through his flesh. Hold it together, devil dog.

Her sultry laugh stopped when his knees closed, pushing her legs together and holding them there.

She gasped and went still. “What…um…”

She didn’t sound so victorious now, he noted to himself. He slipped a hand between her legs, searched for and found her clit. He moved his fingers in slow circles. He dipped them into her cleft, found and spread the honey of her arousal across the plumping lips of her pussy, then resumed working her clit. In moments, she was sighing and purring, pushing her legs against his as she tried to spread them for a deeper touch.

“Zach,” she moaned.

“I know.”

When confident he’d spread her body’s lube sufficiently, he pulled his hand from her, picked up his T-Shirt, and before she could do more than squeak a protest, he knotted the soft cotton around her knees.

“What are you—”

“I accept your challenge.” 



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