Recent Release Review: In Control by Michelle Robbins

In Control by Michelle Robbins is a story of pain, lies, betrayal, broken trust,and ultimately the healing of broken hearts and lives. The blurb does a great job of laying out the basic facts of the story, but to really appreciate the fine details, you need to check it out for yourself.

This character driven story has a smoothly flowing plot that takes you from beginning to end. The characters are definitely three dimensional, and the pain each one goes through really pulls at your heart. There is a little bit of a backstory, but not really enough to fill in the gaps. I must admit that i don’t like how the story just skims along the surface without any real detail on why the characters feel the way they do. The sex is hot and steamy without being smutty.

The author’s writing style is clean and simple, and displays a intimate knowledge of the owner/slave relationship. The story does have a HEA ending, but I wish there had been a little more depth to it. If you’re looking for a hot,sexy read with just a touch of angst, then you should give this book a try.

Pattycake at Mrs. Condit and Friends Reads Books gives iN CONTROL 

3.5 Sweet Peas!!  (Weeee!)


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