Q4 at the desk of Michelle Robbins

Okay, here I am.

 No, I didn’t lose my login or password this time.  (Surprise!)  I was beyond busy.  Here’s how the last three months play(ed) out;

  • Marked—from Oct 1 to Oct 31 I added 28k(ish) words to the already dropped 15k words.  Then I edited and polished the entire body of the work and submitted it to my publisher.  ON TIME!!  Yes, I hit Nov 1 deadline.  I ROCK!!  So, my FIRST EVER M/M Romance story, and the first one in the series Branded in 2014, will be available January 5th.  (Heh.  My daughter’s birthday. How coincidental is that?)

Marked: one bruised and battered rent boy, a rabid serial killer, and a Judoka in the right place at the right time.  Lives are on the line.  And a timeless love.

(My mother said: “I see a movie with this!”  I’m, like, “Right, for the LGBT channel.”  She didn’t say anything else after that.  J )

  • Ides of March—arrives on the shelves Feb 9th.  Early, yes, for a St. Patrick’s Day story, but that extra time ensures Amazon.com will have it up and available for the holiday.  From Nov 1 to (about) Nov 15, I busily edited and polished Ides…all 20k of it.  I counted myself fortunate that I’d already dropped the rough draft before October and thus could cruise once this was done and sent in.

Ides of March:  Sometimes it takes a little bit of magick to manifest second chances.  For Kelly and the Irish love of her youth, Joey, St. Patrick is up to the challenge.  Two lovers are faced with the chance to fulfill secret dreams and fall in love again.

  • Stir of Souls—cool, I’ve handled my publisher’s deadline, Nov 1, and my self imposed deadline, Nov 15th, and I can relax.  After all, this is my birth month.  High Holy Day is Nov. 30th!!! I was ready to celebrate my successes and chill until—OOPS!  My name was on the list of titles expected to the publisher by Dec 1st.  Amber Pax collection: Hauntings.

Oh, God!  How did I overlook that?  And what was I thinking to volunteer for a group collection a deadline that close to my stand-alone titles??????  (Turns out it was a typo, or maybe I was confused, either way it’s due March 1, 2014.)  Anyway, shocked and startled—confused?—I shoved myself back into my desk chair and went back to the computer.

Make no mistake, my muse is beyond peeved and let’s me know it in myriad ways.  However, we bang out a short story, from mushroom phase all the way to submission level.  Done throughout the second half of November and comes to the reality of 15k words in fifteen days!!  (Yeah, ouch!)

Stir of Souls—Luis, big brother from Jan’s Marked, struggles to find a crate of kidnapped children before the unthinkable happens.  The task is hard enough as it is, so why did a blue-eyed ghost haunt his nights with mind-blowing visits of orgasmic pleasures?

  • Next up?  Butterball, for the Freaks and Geeks series with the publisher.  I need to have this 90% finished by Dec 31st because in January I’ll be in PA at Seton Hill, and thus tasked to complete by thesis upon my return.  (And start up book two in that series.)  The publisher deadline for Butterball is February 1st.  Right.  So, for me, the deadline is the last day of this year because of my schedule.  Oi!

Fortunately, my muse and I share a common goal: eating.  As such, sulking or not, we both belly up to the desk and dig in to the task at hand. 

Hey, wait… Didn’t someone once tell me that A Writer’s Life was cake, late mornings, and ease?  If so, there’s something wrong since I’m doing over 120 hours a month.  What’s going on here?????!!!!


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