Time for Rockin’ the ‘Nog!!!

Rockin’ the ’Nog

The first thing folks as me about ’Nog, amid their laughter, is, “Where did you come up with this story?”  I’d love to say that it was all me, but the truth is it was equal parts my imagination and Fate.  You see, chapter one actually happened, with creative adjustments of course.

There I was, sitting around my house, morose and broke due to the critically bad Recession, when my phone beeped.  It was my buddy, one I’d worked with earlier in the years on one of my temp jobs.  He’d mixed up my name with his current girlfriend on his phone list and was texting for a booty call.  He was a bit drunk, so it took a while to convince him that I wasn’t his girlfriend and no, I wasn’t a good target of a booty call.  (A shame, really, since he’s a hottie, but honestly!) 

Anyway, I engaged him for a bit—laughing and deflecting his offers—before he finally accepted the mistake was real and ended the conversation.  (Yeah, he was hugely embarrassed the next day.)  But, I wasn’t upset.  You see, I had a story.  Well, at least I had chapter one.

I poured out my frustrations with the job situation, mixed in a healthy dose of humor due to his mistake and the subsequent character he’d created in my mind, added in a bit of angst—not too complex because it was geared for short story length—and went to work.  I must have laughed my way through it because I’m told it’s hilarious as well as sweet.

Basically, Rockin’ the ’Nog is about the frozen depths of winter in a woman’s heart as she’s facing her own mortality (the possibility of cancer) and the fact that this economy had abandoned her, among so many others.  People matter, much more than profit, and some of us haven’t forgotten that truth, having heard and learned that lesson via Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey into himself.  (Somebody needs to remind the plutocracy of that!)

In sum, we have:

  • Deb, a fifty-something who is depressed and frightened.
  • Caleb, a thirty-something who is determined to have her.
  • And the specter of Cancer looming around them.

’Nog was written to remind its author, and hopefully its readers, that the sun will one day return, that letting Fear rule one’s life is walking death, that it’s so much better to let Hope and Love fill one’s world.

And a little freight-training can’t hurt. 

(Not familiar with the term?  No worries; grab a copy of Rockin’ the ’Nog and let Caleb show you how it’s done this Christmas/New Years!  You may not need the house heater.  Just saying…)

Rockin’ the ‘Nog, available from Amber Quill Press.  http://www.amberquill.com/AmberHeat/RockinNog.htmlImage


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