Beware the IDES OF MARCH

ImageNo really.  It’s my new book.  Here’s a snippet for you all to enjoy.  


Dark Celtic glory stood before her, all yummy muscle and masculinity, and a smile twinkled from smile-grooved cheeks. He reminded her of that movie star Colin Ferrell. She loved watching his films, not only for the pleasant eye candy but also because he reminded her of Joey, her personal Celtic hero.

He spoke, his voice carrying the soft touch of Ireland.

“There’s only one person I’m wanting to take to dinner,” he said, “and that’s you.”


He even sounded like Colin Ferrell.

“Yes, you. Well,” a frown furrowed his brows and dimmed his smile, “that is, you are Kelly Hanks, are you not?”

“Yes, but—” what in the world?

“You went to Mt. View High School?”

“Uhh,” her brain stalled. “Yeah…”

His frown eased away and that megawatt smile again graced his face. She felt the heat of that smile sizzled across her nerves clear to her toes. That smile was dangerous. Good thing it didn’t sport dimples or all Hell would pay.

He tilted his head inquiringly.

“You don’t recognize me? I’m crushed.” In contrast to his statement, he fitted his hands to his hips and chuckled.

Was she supposed to recognize him? She shifted through recent memories. No, no one came to mind. She wouldn’t have forgotten that smile and those outstanding shoulders.

“Should I?” She blinked.

“I’m thinking you should, since I beat up Spazz Larson when he made you cry.”

“You did wha—” A gasp choked off the rest of her statement as Kelly’s brain went into overdrive. Memories spilled into her mental buffer, causing her muscles to lock up and her mouth to drop open.

Her lips felt stiff.  Wooden.

“Oh my God…impossible…It can’t be…”

The gorgeous smile transformed into an adorably cheeky grin. He winked. “In person.”

Then his voice transformed into a full-blown Irish brogue as he said, “Better known by the church as Patrick Joseph Michael O’Connor. But,” he dropped the brogue, “you called me Joey.”

The universe opened up around her and set her adrift in time and space.  Those dark eyes…  She knew those eyes.

 “Joey O’Conner?” But she already had the answer. “It is you!”



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