What have I been up to?

Always pushing boundaries, that’s me.  I sent a proposal to a publishing house and they didn’t say “It’s genius!  We’ll take it!”  They did say, “We’d love to see it when it’s done.  Nothing about that is safe.  It’s truly big.”  Yeah, I always could spin huge stories.  Just ask my mom.  (cough)

For laughs and giggles, here’s the proposal cover sheet.  Enjoy!


Global warming became more than a theory in the latter half of Earth’s 21st century.  I became a problem.  Clean water vanished.  Greenhouse gasses overtook the once beautiful blue planet and echoed the toxic clouds of Venus.  Humanity wobbled on the brink of extinction.  The stars became their only hope.  Potable Water existed on the satellites of the gas giants out on outer reaches of the solar system.  How to get there?  How to mine the ice?  How to manage the shipping lines to bring the life-saving element back to Earth?  Cyborg technology. 

The problem with the cyborg technology they’d need in deep space was its need for a viable human brain.  Unfortunately, not many people signed up to be harvested for experimentation and development of this technology.  Indeed, who would desire to be permanently separated from their body, shoved into a steel shell, and shipped to outer space to live—so to speak—as a drone on an assembly line? 

No mental patients were wanted because a sound mind was needed.  No criminal element because an unflinching adherence to The Company was a requirement.  Trans* people, however, were a good bet.  As stated by politicians of that time, “They’re not comfortable in their own skin, so what’s the problem?”

The millennial shift of the year 3000 brought this experiment to fruition.  Trans* people were hunted down, put into the process, and shipped into space.  “For the salvation of our word,” said the politicians.  The billions of people still on Earth rejoiced at the arrival of the clean water.  They gave thanks to the trans* people for their sacrifice, albeit few of these people had volunteered for the job.  The religious sect preened, now labeling trans* people holy…as long as they leapt onto the pyre for the betterment of their species. 

Trans* people went into hiding.

Facing a marked reduction of “volunteers” as well as the ongoing struggle to stay alive on a rapidly-decaying Earth, scientists developed a brilliant plan:  cyborg reproduction.  In space, they could refill their ranks at need.  Software designers went into work.  The patch was uploaded into the system.  In 3050 the successful versions of the upgrade cyborg were lifted into space.  People upon Earth breathed a big sigh of relief.  All was better now.  They had clean water, a reliable extraterrestrial, a self-replicating workforce, and the discovery of certain minerals on the satellites that allowed for the healing of Earth herself was a bonus!  All that was needed now was time.

The year 3075 brought the cyborg rebellion.


 Most interesting, to me (as the nerd I am), it’s a love story.  Really!

I hope it finds a home.  😀


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