It started with MARKED.  College student and tattoo artist, Diego, is in the right place and the right time to save Bo’s life.  Pursued by a serial killer that preyed on Portland’s rent boys, Bo is on the run for his life.  Diego and his brother, Luis, a vice cop, put an end the violence and terror. 

Bo finds a new lease on life…and love.

5 STARS! “…Wow…just Wow! This is such a fabulous book!…These 2 men have both been through rough situations and the book describes some of them, so be aware this is not a fairy tale. You can feel the raw emotions of them as this author makes them jump up off the page and into your heart. I wish the book had been twice as long as I could have wallowed in their story for much longer…This book is raw, romantic, gritty, sensuous, horrifying, lovely. Read it…you won’t be sorry.” — Elisa, Elisa’s Bookaholic Reviews


In author’s first exploration into Amber Pax collection, Haunting, Michelle Robbins touches upon the lessons of life as told to us from beyond the grave.

A gorgeous abduction victim is consigned to horrors aboard a modern day slaver’s transport.  Wrapped in unspeakable torments of body and soul, Sven struggles to keep alive the small children who shared his prison, at the cost of his own life.                  

On the other side of the Atlantic is a cop who’s trying to get to the victims before the worst happens.  Luis’ efforts fall short and he finds Sven among the dead.  Agonized, tormented, Luis struggles to find meaning in these horrific events and why he’d been called so strongly to someone he’d never met.

Never met in this lifetime, true, but they’d known and loved in past lives and would do so again, if Sven’s ghost had any say in the matter.

Love sometimes transcends time and life.


Come with Luis as he learns the lesson of eternal love’s power.


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