I confess, I browse porn.  Why?  Because I write m/m erotic romance for Amber Quill’s Amber Allure line and I, frankly, need help understanding how men are intimate with each other.  I’m a girl.  I don’t have the equipment or the necessary XY gene.  Men…think differently.  They relate to each other differently.  I write with “authenticity,” hence my many cheesy text messages to my guy buddies that start with, “Hey, do guys…?”  The LAST thing I want to write is m/m fiction from a girl’s point of view.

“That’s not a guy.  That’s a chick named John!”  I would hate that.  That would send my OCD brain into crisis mode.

I actively avoid that.

Anyway, I found a great few websites.  Hunky, naked dudes galore, and where I’ve gotten some scene ideas in the past year–Yeah, I’m not gonna lie–then yesterday…BANG!!  Virus.  It blitzed my notebook and threw it’s configuration back into factory original.  GAAAAAHHHH!  Fortunately, though, I know DOS and could locate my files via Run–> cmd



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