COMING AFTER TURKEY DAY!! (and my birthday, Nov 30)

Right after Turkey Day!!!

Jenna Markkus’s exquisite, genetically engineered face and form concealed a lifetime of pain.  Beloved of her Papa?  No.  Tool used in pursuit of her Papa’s rise to power?  Yes.  Enough was enough.  Derrick Vittalar was her first, best hope for a life free of servitude and cruelty.  All she needed to do was catch his eye.

Derrick Vittalar had no expectation that this political conference would be any different than the umpteen ones he’d endured before.  Speeches, conferences, and occasional sport with a comely girl couldn’t be all there was to his life.


Indeed, no.  Change arrives in the form of an intergalactic coup announced by his abduction.  Thrown together by mischance and conspiracy, Derrick and Jenna find a way to thwart the rebellion, repel an invading army, and fall in love. 


Please take a chance on Michelle Robbins’ newest effort and brave(ish) expansion into a brave new world of genre fiction.  New pen name also.  On this line I write as “B. Thatcher.”

Science Fiction plus Romance.  Starting with Kirk and the Green Girls to Han Solo and Leah, what is could be more fun?  ”To boldly go…”  why not?


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