Tankers v Screaming Orgasm

So, I delivered story 1.5 of my Urilqii series to my publisher.  The author’s note said this:

My journey with the Urilqii began with a simple story arc.  Basically: we came; we kicked ass; we left, victorious.  Awesome!!  Arrival set up the “we came” and upcoming Defiance is to deliver the “we kicked ass” section then—HORRIBLE!!—the black-flagged madness in the Middle East kicked my “we left, victorious” ending out of social step.  I wasn’t comfortable talking about invasion/combat when our servicemen/women are facing (opinion: inevitable) Boots on the Ground.

 Then Amber Quill sent out an open call for the Intoxicating Fantasies collection (read: Boss Man put a boot to my butt and pushed) and opportunity arrived for Dylan’s story.  Thus, arrived Screaming Orgasm.  I hope readers won’t mind if I take a moment to divert attention from the onrushing Targolt invasion to give Dylan his adnama.

I wrote Tankers for the collection and delivered some possible .jps of Sgt. Miles my cover model.  Boss Man, however, changed the title and the cover art to more align with the rest of the collection.  No worries.  Like The Godfather said:  “It’s just business.”

Anyway, here’s Dylan’s story, now titled Intoxicating Fantastasy: Screaming Orgasm.  I hope you adore the story as much as I loved writing it.



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