So here I am, writing and watching the Steve Wilkos show. Again.

The subject triggers the memories of my childhood abuse. Again.

The girl, like me, just wants people to hear her. Believe her.

Her “mommy” has the gall to say, “I said I was sorry!”.  Just like my Momma Dearest. Oh, and “I TRIED to take care of you!”

Freak.  Monster. Hellhound.

No, that’s not enough. You had YEARS to stop it. You chose not to. Why? Financial concerns are the usual reason. Oh, and for mine, drugs as well. (If he left the house, then her stream of coke would dry up. She’d have to pay for it with something other than her daughter’s flesh. How inconvenient!)

No. Unforgiven. Your gruding “I said I was sorry!” doesn’t excuse your indifference to the abuse.

Steve Wilkos, you do a good thing in bringing this topic out of the shadows. You do a good thing by giving we victims a voice.

Thank you, Steve Wilkos.



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