2016 in with a SCREAM


Bad news from the publisher. They’re closing their doors March 31st.

I love them. I adore them and will never say a thing ill about them. I will miss them muchly, muchly.

Sure, it’s no fun to be an orphaned author but on the upside, I have some buddies and I can network with them.

Oh, and I did.

I’ve sent Arrival and Butterball, as well as the unpublished The Pirate’s Cove, into Loose-ID. Yes, I cut the line by knowing (and using) an internal employee.  Hey, like The Godfather said in the movie: “It’s just business.”

Don’t hate the player; hate the game.

Those of you who have purchased Trade Paperback of my novels via Amazon, I love you. Keep these first editions handy. One day they’ll be worth something. (My mouth to God’s ear.)


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