Coming Soon: “Loss”

I figured I’d begin to pimp my story about Arvidnan’s loss with respect to my Mike, and how it relates to his relationship with Liam. (Arrival, due back on the Kindle shelves in April ’16.)  I figured the first day of the month would be a good day to promo the first incarnation of my self-pub venture.

What do you mean there’s 29 days in February this year?! (Well, I’m flexible so here it goes…)

In hands now is a story I call Loss, which depicts the death of Mike’s adnama and the reason for his heartbreaking case of Survivor’s Guilt. (I’ll post the the cover when I have it.) This book is in response to all my fans who wrote to me asking for it.

I’ll be on Amazon, yes, for about $3.00, but WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

It’ll post on my website where you can purchase Loss for $.99.  (Probably via Smashwords.)

Anyway, hold onto you rockets, fans. My Urilqii are ready to explode back into action.


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