Cast your vote!

So, I’ve turned my attention to crafting LOSS, which is the prequel to my Urilqii series. (Specifically Arrival.) With the assistance of my good friend and budding cover artist Sarita Gentili, I have three covers on my desk. But since I can’t decide, I thought to offer it up for fan input.

Loss coverA



I couldn’t figure out how to successfully insert a poll, so either a comment here on on my facebook page will be fine. (Or not.) I’m flexible.


6 thoughts on “Cast your vote!

  1. My husband and I both like the one in the middle with the blue.

  2. Christiane France says:

    I like the last one with the black background. What shows Loss better than black?

  3. I like the one with the blue…

  4. I vote the one in the middle as well!

  5. My favorite is the blue. However, the cover gives me no hint as to what the book is about. I assume it’s science fiction, but maybe not.

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